waterfire 1-29

WaterFire through the eyes of a spectator, photograph by Amy Lavigne

One thing is to get to know WaterFire through the eyes of a spectator, as I had in the years previous to my internship. But getting to work at WaterFire and seeing what is really at the core of the organization is all the more awe provoking. The determination and tenacity of all WaterFire staff and volunteers to carry out every WaterFire event is mesmerizing. More than the staff itself, the love that the volunteers have for the work they do at WaterFire is inspiring.

I will be forever thankful for getting the opportunity to partake in the continuous development of WaterFire. Thus far, I have experienced how my ideas and input is valued in the organization and how everyone is eager to work with one another.

I look forward to continuing my relationship with WaterFire well after my internship comes to an end in August of this year 2016.

-Leslie, Arts Management Intern

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