Photo by Thomas Payne

WaterFire. Where do I begin? So many stories run through my mind – all resulting in similar feelings of happiness, warmth, and serenity. I first learned of WaterFire when I moved to Providence from upstate New York in 1999. I loved it! I loved the fact that there was live music. I loved the fact that there were dance classes. I loved the fact that there were gondola boat rides. I loved that there was such a strong inclusion of the arts. I loved that there was such a plentiful supply of street vendors. I loved the constant playing of music in the background. I loved feeling the heat from the fire. I think most of all, I loved that WaterFire was a way of bringing the community and all realms of people and businesses together…

The memories I have of WaterFire range from going on an after dinner stroll with someone who is now my husband to going to WaterFire to just have some time to myself. Another memory I have is attending WaterFire with a family member who, due do cancer, is no longer with us. The memories I have of WaterFire are so profound and vivid. This is one of the reasons that when my husband and I did get married, we decided to synchronize our reception with the first WaterFire of the year in 2004, ultimately signifying just how special this was to us.

Although we no longer reside in the immediate area, WaterFire is definitely something I keep posted on our calendar. I remember my sister always teasing me when, on the weekend she would ask me what I was doing and I would reply, “I’m going to WaterFire.” She would then say, “didn’t you already go to that?” I guess that’s another thing I love about WaterFire – no matter how many you go to, they are never the same.

– Trina S. Morris
Framingham, MA

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