The Babcock Family

I had always enjoyed a great fire…the campfires shared by family on camping trips, the bonfires of youth to celebrate July Fourth, or simply a fire in the fireplace of the home we all built as a family.

But that home with its lovely fireplace became something I had to run from. My Dad died in that home while he and my Mother owned it. I bought the home from my Mother and then my wife, the mother of my children, died there as well.

I loved that home, but I needed to leave it and its hearth behind. . .

I raised my children elsewhere for a couple of years. Yet I knew what would be best, both for them and for me. I knew our family was missing someone.

Then I met and feel in love with Peggy…and she quickly became Mom, and Wife.

One warm spring night, we decided to visit WaterFire. As we strolled along the sidewalks of the waterway, the aroma of wood smoke was intoxicating. The dancing shadows on the surrounding buildings were amazing.

We walked and we sat. We ate and we listened to the music. We smiled and we laughed.

In a magical moment I turned to see the three smiling faces of my wife and kids, illuminated by the bonfire’s orange glow. I could see the flicker of the flames dancing in their eyes, and I could see the warm smiles on their faces. I watched as they walked towards me, all three holding hands and laughing by the fires.

This is a family portrait I will never forget.

– The Babcock Family
New Bedford, MA

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