Photograph by Chloe Nanian

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I think balance when I think of WaterFire. The Earth. The Wind. The Water.The Fire. When Mother Nature cooperates, and She usually does, the symmetry is both magical and spiritual. The balance is enhanced, questioned, or changed by the audience’s desires, by the musical choices, or by the fire-tenders’ movements. When alone, I prefer to walk and quietly let all the ingredients seep into my mind’s eye, hearing the variety of Barnaby Evans’ choices from “Dounuya” by Mamadou Diabate or “Short Trip Home” performed by Joshua Bell or “Radio Bagdad” composed and performed by my friend Jenifer Smith. The music enhances my emotional well being, appeasing it, challenging it, or enlightening it.I have always walked the whole route on both sides of the rivers. That’s what I love to do. The experience is zestful, peaceful, and private in a positive manner.