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The first WaterFire I attended, I was visiting Rhode Island for the very first time! Most people don’t know this but my husband (and boat Captain Paul) and I met when I lived in Ohio and he lived here in RI. We dated long-distance for a couple of years. Then, I moved here and we became The Bovenzi Bunch, 3 boys and 3 girls between us!

On that first visit, we ate dinner downtown and then walked to the water to see WaterFire and I was blown away! The event is magical, mysterious, relaxing and so inspiring. I loved the beauty surrounding me, the sense of community and the true love of the arts that was on display for all to see and enjoy. What an amazing experience! So, years later when I moved here, I wanted to find a place to volunteer, meet new people and get to know this city in a way that would fit in with our busy lives and our interest in the arts. I suggested to my husband that we give WaterFire a try. The rest as they say, is history.