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Anna: Coming back my junior year at school in New York City, I wanted to get back in-touch with my inner Rhode Islander. I missed the salty waters of the Narragansett Bay, the familiarity of my home town, and most of all, the creative atmosphere of Providence. When offered an internship at WaterFire, I was ecstatic and immediately accepted. I was so ready to be a part of an event so unique to Rhode Island, something that I’ve been going to since I was little, and something that promoted community and artistry.

I can sincerely say that I’ve found what I was looking for at WaterFire. Since starting, I feel significantly more in touch with my community, my state, and the arts here in Rhode Island. More importantly I’ve also found that I love being a part of a company that gives back to residents and visitors of our wonderful state. It’s gratifying to walk down the Providence River during a lighting and see people ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the floating fires. I love walking through Marketplace Square and stopping in all the tents to see local artists and local companies. I have the best job at events– walking around and taking pictures of the fires, the Starry, Starry Night installation, the basin, etc. WaterFire has helped me to re-visit my Rhode Island heritage, explore the state, and has made me appreciate my community in a whole new way. It’s exactly what I was looking for as I head into my last year of college. From here I hope to continue working for festivals and in the arts, as I have found that this kind of work is right up my ally.