PGP1Our story begins with a tradition.  Ever since I moved to Massachusetts in 2008 to be with my now fiancée, Stefanie, we visit WaterFire.  Sometimes our visits are planned, and sometimes we just happen to stumble upon Providence during an event night.  Either way, it has become our tradition to attend WaterFire.  For our first visit, on a summery night in July of 2010, Stefanie and I took a boat cruise.  As we were gliding along the river passing the floating braziers I knew this would be the perfect setting to propose.

As I started planning my proposal, I soon realized I needed help.  I emailed the Celebrate Program of WaterFire.  I described a little about us and what my proposal plan was.  Through phone calls and emails we finally arranged the perfect proposal. . .

The big night arrived on September 24, 2011.  After a wonderful meal spent gazing at the river, we were planned to take another boat ride.  Stefanie was curbed of any suspicion when the organizers of WaterFire sent me a “fake” invitation saying I had won a contest the week prior.  The invitation described that a guest and I were invited to an exclusive boat ride and access to WaterFire’s VIP tent.  During our boat ride we enjoyed the beauty of the flickering fires and music as we were glided along the river.

PGP3However, the real surprise was waiting after the boat ride.  In a secluded area next to the river appropriately called Starry Starry Night, I drew out a map of our love.  Hanging from the trees were five paper star lanterns that represented each year we had been dating.  These stars hung above a path of ten luminaries.  Under each one I had written a part of our story together.  At the end of the path was a circle of luminaries.  It was here after leading Stefanie through the path of our story that I proudly knelt on one knee and proposed.

With cheers and applause from surrounding spectators, Stefanie said yes!  As I wrote for the last two luminaries on our path: “Looking back at our soon to be five-years together, it never seems long ago when our path began.  Looking forward, I can think of no one else who I want hold hands with on the rest of this path”.

Our traditional visit to WaterFire will forever have a new and sentimental meaning for us.  Without the help of Kanoko and the WaterFire staff this would never have become a reality.  Thank you for letting us share our tradition with you!


– Patrick and Stefanie

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