I lived in Providence from 2004-2007 and had never been to WaterFire. I had heard so many great things about the event, but since I was a student working nights and weekends, I never had the opportunity to go. After I graduated from college, I moved back to Central Massachusetts.

About a year and a half later, I met “the girl.” Our first date was a getting to know you date, and our second date was a show of interest, which brings us to date number three. I already had a pretty good idea Krista was the one for me, and I wanted to sweep her off her feet. So I planned a date to WaterFire one September night in 2008. . . I made dinner reservations and attempted to make a Gondola reservation, but I didn’t realize I needed to do that weeks in advance. It was a little discouraging, but there was nothing I could do. We had a wonderful dinner at Waterplace Restaurant where the conversation flowed seamlessly and the smiles never left our faces. We then took a walk along the canal and enjoyed the fires, music and performers. After a while, we ended up overlooking the river from the footbridge. Here, I gathered the courage to tell her how much I liked her and really thought this could be something great. Krista agreed and we had our amazing first kiss. The rest of the night was magical because we were in our own world amidst the atmosphere of WaterFire.

Fast forward just about a year to Labor Day weekend, 2009. As I had mentioned before, I knew Krista was “the one” from the beginning so I began planning our 1 year dating Anniversary. As soon as the WaterFire schedule came out that spring, I looked it over and found the date that would best coincide with our anniversary: September 5, 2009. I told her I was planning our anniversary and she was to do nothing. Since Krista is a planner, she didn’t like that too much, but she went with it. She knew we were going to Providence but did not know what we would be doing. “I have a few surprises” I told her.

Surprise #1: We drove to the city, and pulled up to the Old Court Bed & Breakfast on Benefit Street. Krista LOVES B&B’s, and this was the first time we would stay at one together. Surprise #2: We walked around the East Side until we arrived at a massage therapy studio where Krista received a deep tissue massage. Surprise #3: We went for our dinner reservations at the delicious Capital Grille where we feasted, drank wine, laughed, and talked. Surprise #4: We walked along the canal for a bit and ended up at La Gondola. Krista was overjoyed because she secretly hoped we would be going for a gondola ride, or so she told me later. Now I was not nervous about Surprise #5 until we got into the gondola and started cruising along the river.

You don’t realize just how many people are at these events until you see them lining the canal as you are drifting along. I did the best I could to block them out and concentrate on our evening. Towards the end of our ride, we were coming to the footbridge where we had our first kiss, so I see it only fitting that I ask you this.” I pulled out the ring from my jacket pocket. “Krista, will you marry me?” she said YES! We will be getting married in November 2010!

We know that WaterFire is a HUGE part of our relationship and would love nothing more than to celebrate our anniversaries at WaterFire for many, many, many years to come!

Thank you very much!

– Jeff & Krista
Central Massachusetts

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