Robert and I were engaged at WaterFire on Saturday July 21, 2012. Any engagement is an exciting event when you know you have the right partner but the people at WaterFire made it exceptionally memorable.  Few couples have both a written and photographic record of the event.  These fairytale images were created with the help of many talented and thoughtful people at who volunteer or work for WaterFire.  So, it is with deep gratitude that we offer a few lines that capture the most indelible images for us. . .

pg1My love and I, my gallant knight, the right and honorable man,

Come together in the small magical place called WaterFire.

Night air so sweet and breezy

Sky watery shades of midnight blue interrupted by all the oranges and reds that have ever existed on earth,

Music from tribal drumming to the mystic, the ethereal, to wordless classical and jazz

Notes floating like smoke signals high above the city whispered the message of beauty, of love, of romance,

Luminaries, our tiny lodestars, carefully laid out before us the labyrinth

Wispy white ballerina ribbons pirouetting on to the periwinkle lights

His message of vision, of our mission as a couple, our values our hope for ourselves and the world

I surrender here and now, there are no greener pastures, the most verdant lush ground is beneath us

Women who, like me, possess a fairytale-tainted heart, know this is not the end of the tale, it is the beginning…

 – Elizabethe G. Plante

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