Photograph by Jen Bonin

We first saw a WaterFire event in June of 1998  when we were in town for our son’s College Graduation. We were enchanted by the combination of fire, music, water and people creating an almost spell like atmosphere. We remembered the experience and looked back on it with delight.  We moved to RI in late 2008 and once we were settled, and thinking beyond unpacking, we saw an ad for WaterFire Volunteers and jumped at the opportunity, hoping we would be accepted!

We jumped right in and have been so happy we began our WaterFire adventure. Since that time, we have been an office volunteer, part of the production crew, draping the Turk’s Heads, building fires, selling t-shirts, working on special Barnaby projects, working the Starry, Starry Night Installation, making and hanging the stars, working the boats restocking the fires  and finally, working in Special Ops where we generally are assigned to work the Pershing Bridge during the Ring of Fire.  All have been a lot of fun, but we especially love working in Special Ops as we have a front row “seat” to all the opening ceremonies and are able to work with volunteers from all over the community and  we get to meet many of the spectators.

We love being volunteers because we have had so many opportunities to contribute. We always enjoy ourselves, most of all because we are part of an amazing family of volunteers and staff that we have much appreciation for and love hanging out with! The experience can’t be beat!