Photograph by Kevin Murray

My wife Jean and I literally stumbled onto WaterFire when we moved to Providence in February of 2010. I believe there was a basin fire that March and we were living downtown in a condo and decided to walk over and check it out.  That started it for us. We were amazed at the whole concept and production. Over the next few years we became involved with WaterFire on a few levels including, Brazier Society Members, attending Fundraisers, as well as bringing friends and out of town guests to as many fires as we could.  Occasionally Jean would nudge me to volunteer for an activity, (she got involved much earlier than I did) but my attendance was spotty at best, until about three years ago.

I always said I wanted to be a fire tender, but never followed through.  Finally, like any great partner, Jean pushes me with “sign up or shut up.” So I signed up, figuring it was a one time thing and I’d go back to watching. Uh, no, I fell in love with being “part of the show.” I have done it 6 or 7 times since then and really enjoy it. It has also lead me to volunteer for other things at WaterFire, like special ops, shore merchandise, and numerous events at the Arts Center.  

I am continually amazed at what it does for our city. On any given Saturday night in the summer and fall, thousands upon thousands of people from all walks of life come together in a safe, peaceful community gathering just to be present. So cool. That, and the great people I have met, both volunteers and staff, make it exciting to be a small part of the effort.  Looking forward to being part of it for many years to come.”

– Frank Giorgio