The day was one year ago today, May 13, 2019. I arrived at the WaterFire Arts Center very excited and nervous of the anticipation to start on a new journey for myself. I really had no idea what to expect, if I would fit in or if I would even gel with my new volunteer co-worker, who was also starting on that same day. I was introduced to Katherine Entwistle, also known as Kat. A woman half my age, tall, stunning with a beautiful smile and dimples.  I thought to myself… ugh- I need botox, and will we really have anything in common?? 

The answer for me, to this was established early on. I firmly believe we both were brought together in life for a reason, and I’m so glad that the stars aligned and paired the two of us up. She is more than just a co-worker to me, she is my dear friend for life. 

Teamwork was of the essence and we used our strengths and weaknesses and blended them to work together. We worked hard, learned through trials and tribulations and most importantly strived to gain the trust and respect of WaterFire’s dedicated volunteers. We didn’t have much time to adjust or learn the ropes of the job, we sort of jumped head first, hand in hand, and were thrown right into the fires so to speak.

The first full year working at WaterFire has been an amazing, memorable, breathtaking experience unlike anything I’ve worked on before. Each fire has a special story and meaning to me, mainly because I worked with different volunteers that were involved at each lighting. It really is the camaraderie of the volunteers that make WaterFire possible! By the end of the 2019 season, I can honestly say, WaterFire volunteers are like family, you have our backs and we have yours. The hours, commitment and dedication you put in is priceless. I look forward to the time when we can be all together again. Most importantly, finding new ways to expand our WaterFire Volunteer Community and of course seeing all of you –  my friends! Thank you for all that you do!

– Kim Zoppo